School support, support for apprentices, individual academic coaching at home

Effective, focused, as required.

Professional school support - remedial education and school support

For pupils, students, apprentices and young adults.

Tutoring at home

Private lessons given at home by professional teachers and graduates.

Academic coaching

ISSAL Tutoring - Remedial education and revisions


Professional Academic Coaching
at the student's home,
by teachers with an academic degree,
the superior education in particular courses,
in Montreux near Geneva, along Lake Geneva


University requires a high standard of knowledge in all the different subjects. It can be very useful to call for help when you have problems in a subject. The academic issal-coach helps you to fill your knowledge-gaps, but it also helps you  get your work better organised. Of course, issal neither writes your  papers nor your dissertation, but we are happy to help you with the layout and the corrections.

All Courses

issal offers you coaching and support for all courses of studies. 

All Subjects

For every subject issal can organize the right teacher and coach to support in your studies.

All Exams

Our academic specialists will willingly help you to prepare for your exams - either by supporting your learning, or by helping you get your work better organized, or with exam-simulations so that you know what lies ahead of you and how to overcome your anxiety.  From the end-of-term- to the master- and doctor-examinations, issal can provide you with the right teacher and coach. 

issal tutoring and coaching -
professionalism makes the difference!

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